Developer of DSS, the EU eSignature reference

eID interoperability Module – XSS-Sig

The major constraint to the development of initiatives using eSignature, such as e-procurement, is related to the variety of final users’ devices across Europe. Addressing this challenge, we developed the XSS-Sig solution supporting the different European authentication and eSignature devices.

Thanks to our XSS-Sig solution, companies will be able to implement their digital initiatives containing eSignature without having to worry about neither the connection particularities of each eID devices, nor the evolution of the different devices, nor the development of eSignature legislation.

Java-less Browser Signing – NexU

To address the inconveniences caused in recent years by Java applets and the concerns following Google’s announcement to phase out NPAPI support in Chrome – because “NPAPI’s 90s-era architecture has become a leading cause of hangs, crashes, security incidents, and code complexity” -, Nowina has developed alternative solutions.

NexU, Nowina’s Java-less Browser Signing package is a multi-browser and multi-platform standard solution, while being free of any applet technology. It offers confidentiality, reliability and improved security compared with browser plug-in based solution.

NexU relies on our XSS-Sig Module to support interoperability of electronic signature in Europe.

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Document Signature Platform – EVA

To promote paperless initiatives, EVA provides an ergonomic and secure way of signing documents with eID or ad-hoc signature product. Enabling the creation and execution of document signature workflow by the business, the platform also provides WebServices to sign / extend / validate signature and ultra-fast and reliable revocation checking with CRL pre-processing.

The platform supports the following signature:

EVA is our innovative solution to support paperless processes.

CRS self-certification and reporting – ARNO

The OECD Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”), which will apply as of 1 January 2016, creates the obligation for Luxembourg Financial Institutions (“FIs”) to report (the “CRS report”), on an annual basis, detailed personal and financial information (the “Information”) concerning certain account holders that have been identified and classified as reportable by the FIs to the Administration des Contributions Directes (the “ACD”).

Together with Arendt Regulatory & Consulting we have designed a one-stop-shop solution that allows the FIs to gather this information and to report it to the Tax Authorities in a safe, smooth, cost-effective and smart way.

Paperless Onboarding Software – Opale

For a Private Banker or a Life Insurer, acquiring a new client comes with endless paperwork. Thanks to our paperless onboarding software, we make client acquisition simple, effective, efficient and completely paperless. Our flexible solution automatically applies country specific regulatory requirements (MiFID profile, FATCA, CRS, PEP, etc.) and includes eID identification as well as eSignature.