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signing solutions

Nowina develops easy-to-use, standards based, platform-independent signing solutions. Our goal is to make it simple for SMEs, big organizations and their clients to use electronic signatures across borders.

Aligned with the European vision, Nowina’s electronic signature solutions are citizen-friendly as they are compatible with the signing means s/he already owns (e-ID card, token, etc.) as well as the browser s/he uses (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, etc.) either on desktop, tablet or mobile.  

What make our solutions different?

Our signing solution is a hub for all your signing/time-stamping needs whatever the signing mean (e-ID card, token, etc.), the type of signature (basic, advanced or qualified) needed or the platform used.

  • Standards based: Our solutions are built on the European Signature standards (PAdES, XAdES, CAdES and ASiC) making the signature easy to read by anyone, future-proof and compatible with any system. In addition, the European Signature being the most restrictive, we can easily serve other markets and actors outside Europe, as we already do.
  • User-friendly: Our solutions use the signature solutions your clients already have (e-ID card, token, etc.) to deal with their administrative obligations, banking transactions, etc., and support any browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, etc.) on any device.
  • Full interoperability: being fully interoperable, our solutions allow for the unrestricted sharing of resources along time, not holding you hostage of a provider or system.
  • Agile through platform-independence: we will advise you the most suitable platform to fulfil your requirements. Being independent from any Certificate Authorities, our solution can be adapted to meet your exact needs, while keeping the core of our solutions standard. To service growing requirements, additional resources might also be added along the way.
  • Pdf forms: We offer to transform any document that needs to be signed in a web-based, cross-platform pdf-form allowing to collect qualified signed data from your clients.
  • Integrated with business applications or used in a standalone mode, our signing solution is white labelled and can be branded per your name.
  • Qualified time-stamping hub: respecting the standards, our hub can address different technologies and offers the most suitable and cheapest solutions.
  • Keeping your options open: You need to choose a signing solution but don’t want to be stuck long-term with an initial choice which might prove not adequate. By selecting our solution, you do keep your options open and will be able to go for another provider anytime with no additional development cost.

We make it smooth and sustainable to electronically sign a document so you and your clients can concentrate on your mutual business relationship.