A dedicated team of experts for tailor-made solutions

Founded in 2014, Nowina Solutions is an innovative company that transforms and improves common business processes to achieve maximum efficiency.

We ensure digital process excellence by leveraging both unique expertise in interoperable electronic signature and dematerialisation solutions, as well as strong knowledge of financial services, the public sector and healthcare.

As the acknowledged European Union eSignature expert, Nowina Solutions:

  • Provides dematerialisation, eSignature and strong authentication solutions;
  • Provides technical support on the reference open-source DSS (Digital Signature Service) implementation for cross-border signature creation and validation;
  • Provides consulting, training, and support on e-signature related topics such as the new eIDAS regulation or interoperability;
  • Conducts eIDAS and ISO27001 audits;
  • Helps companies think about how best to take advantage of eIDAS-related paperless opportunities.
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Our belief
We believe that creating superior value for our clients comes from strong core values. Our values guide our actions every day. They influence the way we work and interact with our clients and help us accelerate our clients’ success.
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Passion for innovation

At the heart of our DNA, our passion for innovation has propelled us to the forefront of electronic signature technology.

This passion allows us to take a fresh and imaginative approach to everything we do and always find the most adequate answer for every situation.

We are committed to broadening and deepening our knowledge every day.

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Our know-how is based on both unique technological insight and in-depth knowledge of different industries.

This dual expertise allows us to develop pragmatic leading-edge solutions and create value for our customers to ensure their success.

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It is about trustworthiness, as trust is the foundation of any relationship.

In order to best meet and exceed your needs, we build and maintain close and long-lasting relationships.

We listen to your needs, anticipate your expectations and demonstrate exceptional responsiveness and reliability.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Nowina Solutions takes pride in displaying the origin of its know-how through the ‘Made in Luxembourg’ label.

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Responsible actor

As a thought leader, we feel it is our duty to be a responsible economic player.

  • Socially responsible, we promote continuous improvement and learning. A Nowina talent is receiving continuous training, allowing him to grow and to develop his personal employability.
  • Environmentally responsible, we develop solutions for paperless processes. Being part of a paperless company, a Nowina talent is consuming 2.6 kg of paper per year, far less than the average 75 kg an employee is consuming on a yearly basis.

Our Corporate engagement has been awarded the Socially Responsible Company label in 2015, granted by the Institut pour le Développement Durable et la Responsabilité Sociale des Entreprises in Luxembourg (INDR – Institute for Corporate Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility).


The story behind the dragon.

Did you know?

In computer programming, the expression “Hic Sunt Dracones” (in Latin, literally, “Here are dragons”) is used by some programmers to indicate particularly complex and obscure passages in the source code of a program so that other programmers who might access them would be warned.

The complexity may be due to the very essence of the problem being addressed, or because the code has not been written clearly enough. The metaphor of an explorer who, after passing this boundary, must exercise caution and skill before proceeding, fits well with reality, as some programmers will prefer to avoid this code, while the more adventurous, or those seeking a challenge, will prefer to explore and clarify these areas for others.

At Nowina, we are those explorers of innovation. At the very heart of Europe, we are ready to discover and learn to offer the best solutions. Driven by the energy of our passion, and guided by our technological expertise and business knowledge, we mobilise our know-how to explore the potential of dematerialisation and electronic signatures for the benefit of our customers’ businesses.

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Want to be at the forefront and shape the future?

Nowina offers you a vibrant learning environment in which you will be able to develop a unique expertise in eSignature and be part of an expert team developing the EU electronic signature reference.

All this within an inspiring team and a collaborative and fun work culture! At Nowina, we are taking pride in imparting knowledge and we are offering appropriate and numerous training to help you grow… and make us grow!

Ready to develop more than a career with us? Do not hesitate to contact us.