Bringing trust online and across borders


With globalization, interoperability is becoming a must. Partnering with EU bodies, we are at the cutting edge of digital systems interoperability thinking. Our digital transformation solutions are set to be interoperable within and across organizational and geographical boundaries.

DSS Support Subscription

Nowina supplies ongoing assistance on all technical issues following the deployment of DSS as part of a support subscription.

2 levels of assistance are available:


eSignature implementation and training

By adopting eSignature and/or implementing timestamps, you will go the extra-step to a full digital process, making it leaner and safer.

Author of the SD-DSS (Digital Signature Service) open source implementation reference in EU allowing for cross-border signature creation and validation, Nowina Solutions is the EU eSignature expert.

We offer technical support on the SD-DSS implementation reference, helping our customers with its deployment and integration within their business processes. We supply ongoing assistance on all technical issues following the deployment of SD-DSS as part of a support subscription.

We deliver pragmatic implementation of secure strong authentication solutions. We also provide training on eSignature related subjects such as eIDAS or interoperability.

At the forefront of qualified electronic identification, Nowina Solutions is supporting as technical expert the EU eIDAS initiative which defines the new regulatory environment related to electronic identification and trust services.

Building on the latest and most comprehensive insight available, Nowina assists companies in their reflection on how to best seize arising eIDAS-related paperless opportunities, providing products and services ranging from decryption of the regulation to software integration or implementation of eSignature within their business processes.

We bring you the technology that provides trust at an international level.

eIDAS consulting for Qualified Trust Service Provider

Building on its experience in the eIDAS Regulation and in eSignature systems, Nowina assists companies in their reflection on how to become a (Q)TSP: selection of vendors, assistance in implementation, consulting on best practices.

Digital transformation

Going digital allows for faster and smarter operations driving transformative growth. We make your administration simple, effective and efficient … so you can concentrate on what you do best: your core business.

We offer a seamless transition to paperless and we bring the digital experience a step further introducing interoperability as the next driver of growth and competitive advantage.

Learn more about DSS

Do you want to know more about DSS? Please check our activities on European Commission’s CEF eSignature portal. You’ll find plenty of information on electronic signature, including ready-to-deploy bundles of DSS. If you are looking for a demo for creating and validating electronic signatures, click here.

A specific link you might find useful: Start using DSS.