Industry Expertise

Digital Trust and Interoperability Technology leader


Digital healthcare brings enormous efficiency gains through seamless, paperless integration of data. Building on our unique expertise in interoperability, we have the proficiency to develop Interoperable Digital Healthcare Solutions allowing for medical information to be shared not only within a health structure, but also with different stakeholders and across geographies through safe and secure exchanges. Interacting with all healthcare stakeholders, private and public, our solutions allow for better decisions while maintaining privacy.

Public Sector

E-government holds tremendous potential to improve the public services delivery and make it citizen-centric with increased transparency. The opportunities offered by digitisation are expanding the scope of possibilities for G2C, G2B and G2G thanks to a new generation of open, flexible and collaborative seamless eGovernment services.

Within the European Union, the free movement of persons calls indeed for interoperable platforms allowing European citizens to deal easily with public services from other EU countries. Building on the key enablers that are eSignature and eIdentification, the European Commission is developing a framework which promotes interoperability of systems for cross-border Digital Public Services. As the acknowledged expert of the SD-DSS reference implementation in EU and building on its strong authentication solutions, pragmatic implementation approach and in-depth knowledge of the public sector, Nowina is a valuable and reliable partner to develop customized interoperable public solutions. Learn more about our eID interoperability Module – XSS-Sig solution addressing the challenge related to the multiplicity of eID devices across Europe.

Financial Services

The financial industry is undergoing major regulatory transformations. There is no going back to the pre-crisis climate of light bank supervision. On the contrary, regulatory compliance is on the rise for all financial organizations.

Regulatory compliance imposes a significant burden on financial actors’ operational efficiency. For many firms, managing information is a manual exercise -at least in the first years following the enforcement of new rules- susceptible to errors. The way to overcome regulatory challenges is to turn compliance into a competitive advantage and to establish tailored processes for collecting and managing valid information. From private banking and insurance to investment funds, Nowina provides financial actors with full compliant dematerialization solutions. Discover for instance our Paperless Onboarding Software addressing the challenges of new and cross-border client acquisition.