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About us

Developer of SD-DSS, the EU eSignature reference

Our company

Nowina Solutions is an innovative start-up that is disrupting and transforming business processes to achieve utmost efficiency. To deliver digital process excellence, Nowina builds both on its unique expertise in interoperable eSignature and paperless solutions, and on a robust business knowledge in Financial Services, Public Sector and Healthcare.

As the acknowledged European Union eSignature expert, Nowina Solutions:

  • delivers paperless, eSignature and strong authentication solutions;
  • offers technical support on the SD-DSS (Digital Signature Service) open source implementation reference allowing for cross-border signature creation and validation;
  • provides training on eSignature related subjects such as the new eIDAS regulation or interoperability;
  • assists companies in their reflection on how to best seize arising eIDAS-related paperless opportunities.

Our product line leverages the eSignature capabilities to increase the efficiency of our customers by:

  • enabling the usage of legally binding eSignature;
  • helping them to expand their business opportunities by using the smartcard from EU;
  • delivering to their users pragmatic solution with a real added value.

With electronic signature, your document management process can be fully dematerialized. As a thought leader, we simplify and make a sustainable difference… creating success and value for our customers. We make it simple, effective and efficient … so you can concentrate on what you do best: your core business.


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Our values

At Nowina Solutions, we believe that superior value creation for our customers emanates from solid core values.
Our values guide our actions. They influence the way we work and the way we interact, helping us accelerate our customers’ success.

+Passion for Innovation

Our passion for innovation is at the very core of our DNA and has propelled us as the technology leader of eSignature. This passion is as vibrant as ever and we are committed to continuously expand and deepen our knowledge. This allows us to take a fresh and imaginative approach to everything we do and to always develop the best-possible answer in every situation.


Our expertise relies both on a unique technological know-how and an in-depth business knowledge. This dual expertise enables us to develop pragmatic leading-edge solutions and create success and value for our customers. This breadth of knowledge and depth of expertise is what sets us apart and allows us to exceed your expectations.

+Integrity & Proximity

This is about being trustworthy, as trust is the foundation of all relationships. This is about geographical proximity within Europe, but not only. With the objective to best meet and exceed your transformation needs, we establish and maintain close and long-lasting relationships. We listen to your needs, anticipate your expectations and demonstrate outstanding responsiveness and reliability.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Nowina Solutions takes pride in displaying the origin of its know-how through the ‘Made in Luxembourg’ label.


Our team

Either we all fell into coding at very young ages or it simply was within our DNA to begin with. No one knows…

The fact that Nowina Solutions is today the acknowledged expert of interoperable eSignature and a highly regarded leader in pragmatic implementation of dematerialization solutions comes with no surprise when you realize the breadth and depth of knowledge coming together within the team.

The story behind our name

Nowina is a Polish term that means breaking new grounds, exploring virgin territory and unknown lands.

This is exactly it. We transform operational dreams into seamless digital truth. From the comfort of our bright offices located in Luxembourg, at the very heart of Europe, we feel like explorers ready to raise anchor and cast off for new adventures. We are pioneers at the forefront of the digital revolution, bringing it to the next level, the one of full interoperability.

Responsible actor

As a thought leader, we feel we have the accountability to be a responsible economic player.

Socially responsible, we promote continuous improvement and learning. A Nowina talent is receiving continuous training, allowing him to grow and to develop his personal employability.

Civically responsible, we support entrepreneurship through the Greenlab initiative in Arlon, a coworking space for entrepreneurs.

Environmentally responsible, we develop solutions for paperless processes. Being part a paperless company, a Nowina talent is consuming 2.6kg of paper per year, far less than the average 75 kg an employee is consuming on a yearly basis.

Our Corporate engagement has been awarded the Socially Responsible Company label, granted by the Institut pour le Développement Durable et la Responsabilité Sociale des Entreprises in Luxembourg (INDR – Institute for Corporate Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility).


As we thrive for continuous improvement in all areas, do not hesitate to share with us your feedback and ideas. Send us a mail at