About us

Bringing trust online and across borders

Responsible actor

As a thought leader, we feel we have the accountability to be a responsible economic player.

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The story behind our name

Nowina is a Polish term that means breaking new grounds, exploring virgin territory and unknown lands.

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Our team

Either we all fell into coding at very young ages or it simply was within our DNA to begin with. No one knows…

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Our values

At Nowina Solutions, we believe that superior value creation for our customers emanates from solid core values. Our values guide our actions. They influence the way we work and the way we interact, helping us accelerate our customers’ success.

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Our company

Nowina Solutions is an innovative start-up that is disrupting and transforming business processes to achieve utmost efficiency. To deliver digital process excellence, Nowina builds both on its unique expertise in interoperable eSignature and paperless solutions, and on a robust business knowledge in Financial Services, Public Sector and Healthcare.

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